Complete control and increased uptime with smart pumping solutions

One of the biggest challenges water intake systems face is the varying composition and quality of ground water. Selecting the right system that takes into consideration the specifics of the water source is therefore vital for uninterrupted water flow. When you choose controlled and intelligent solutions from Grundfos, you solve this challenge, helping your customers avoid unforeseen breakdowns. 

Grundfos intelligent submersible pumps come with permanent magnet motor that enables remote control and monitoring and also adjusts performance to system demand. 

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The right water intake system is critical to your operations. Learn about SPE submersible pumps and how they can help you get consistently high performance for a wide range of outputs. 

Top 5 ways to add value to the water intake and supply pumping system

With so many variables to consider, industrial manufacturers and system builders face several challenges when designing a water pumping system system. Covering water intake, supply and transfer, our intelligent, state-of-the-art technology can help you navigate these challenges, offering a range of benefits in a comprehensive solution. 

Explore the benefits and how they add value to the industrial water handling cycle – for both you and your customers

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