17 - Groundwater Pumping

This course will provide you with all you need to know about groundwater intake, including pump sizing, efficiency optimisation, performance regulation and life-extending precautions.

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Course overview

Modules: 5
Completion time
Completion time: 25 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Course overview


Introduction to groundwater pumping

Understand the basics of a well construction and what to consider to ensure efficient performance.


Pump sizing in groundwater applications

Learn how to size submersible pumps to achieve optimum performance in wells and increase life.


How to ensure continuous high efficiency in water intake applications

Find out the most common reasons for loss of efficiency and how to counter it.


Performance regulation in Groundwater applications

Learn about the different options for performance-regulating oversized pumps and their pros and cons.


How to extend pump life

Find out what precautions you can take to extend the life of pumps and motors.

Test your knowledge

Answer a few questions to test what you've learned