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Direct boosting

When a booster system is connected directly to the water mains it is called direct boosting. When boosting directly from the mains, the mains system pressure tributes to the total pressure of the system. The booster set therefore needs less energy to reach the discharge pressure set point in comparison to a system where there is no pre-pressure. The alternative is boosting from a break tank where the pre-pressure normally would be lower.

Compact systems
Direct boosting systems require less space than systems boosting from tanks, making them popular in buildings where the layout space is scarce.

When to use direct boosting
Direct boosting is used where the water supply is reliable.

In regions where the mains supply is unreliable or in periods inadequate, a break tank should be preferred. In some countries, direct boosting is not allowed due to the risk of backflow into the water mains.

For direct boosting from mains supply, Grundfos supplies the Hydro MPC range as well as multi-stage and end-suction single-stage water transfer pumps.

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