The Industrial Pump Solutions Course

68 - The Industrial Pump Solutions Course

Many people think of Grundfos as a utility pump provider, but we are so much more than that. This course introduces you to the many areas within the industry segment for which Grundfos offers solutions and support.

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Modules: 5
Temps de réalisation
Temps de réalisation: 12 minutes
Niveau de difficulté
Niveau de difficulté: Basique

Aperçu du cours


Grundfos role in industry

Get an introduction to Grundfos in industry and why it is an eligible player in the industry market.


Grundfos iSOLUTIONS-From products to solutions

Find out how Grundfos strives to lead the transformation through the fourth industrial revolution by moving our focus from pumps to solutions.


Application area: Temperature control

Learn how Grundfos industrial solutions can optimise your energy consumption.


Application area: Water treatment

Get an insight to Grundfos integrated solutions and how they offer an easy way to reduce water consumption.


Application area: Industrial processes

Get an introduction to industrial processes and how interconnected production equipment from Grundfos can secure an efficient and reliable operation.

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