Instant Hot Water Without the Wait or Waste


In a world driven by instant gratification, where we send an email instead of a letter, stream our favorite TV shows on demand, and receive orders the same day, why are we still waiting for hot water?

Like many homeowners across North America, Courtney Tripp knew she was wasting precious time and water waiting for her tap to get hot. She did not realize having instant hot water was an option until she was introduced to Grundfos during the construction phase of her new home in 2018. Little did she know how big of an impact this tiny pump would have on the comfort of her life for years to come.


Living in the Midwest, Tripp describes herself as “super outdoorsy and active in all seasons of the year.” Coming home from a long day of horseback riding, especially in the winter, and having instant hot water to wash her hands or take a shower is the gift that keeps on giving. “It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference in your day,” says Tripp. 

For her, installing the Grundfos UP 10-16 hot water recirculation (HWR) pump solved two things: added comfort and living more sustainably. The savings on her monthly water bill was a bonus.

Grundfos UP 10-16


The Process

Tripp knew she wanted a hot water recirculation pump before her house was built, making the Grundfos UP 10-16 the appropriate choice for her new home. Why? Because the UP 10-16 is specifically designed to be installed in homes that have a dedicated return line which can be added during the home construction process (Grundfos also offers a solution for those homes without a dedicated return line, called the Comfort System, referenced in the Conclusion). 

After making this decision, she called her local, trusted installer, Mike Hagger of Plumbing KC. He jumped at the chance to help Tripp as he had ample experience installing hot water recirc pumps. “In my career, we’ve done quite a few hot water recirculating lines. I would compare installing a HWR line to about as easy as installing a faucet, not very complicated. If you have basic plumbing skills, you can do it,” described Hagger. He went on to say, “Domestic hot water circulation improves the comfort for homeowners by keeping a constant loop of warm water in their home. This means there’s no more waiting for hot water at each water source.” 

Domestic hot water circulation improves the comfort for homeowners by keeping a constant loop of warm water in their home. This means there’s no more waiting for hot water at each water source.
Mike Hagger, Plumbing KC

The Solution

The Grundfos UP 10-16 hot water recirculation pump provides many benefits to homeowners like Tripp.  

Having the option to hop into the shower without waiting for hot water adds greater comfort in the daily lives of homeowners. Prior to the installation of the UP 10-16, Tripp was waiting up to 2 minutes for hot water. That equates to 730 minutes a year or more than 12 hours – that’s how much time you’re getting back! And, during those long hours of waiting for hot water, the average single-family home can waste up to 12,000 gallons of water per year; imagine the environmental impact of conserving the precious resource of water. As a bonus, homeowners also enjoy energy savings on their annual water bill after installing a UP 10-16 pump (savings amount dependent on local utility costs). 

When asked if she’d recommend Grundfos to others, Tripp said, “Oh yes, for sure. I was just recommending it to a friend, who’s talking about finishing their basement. Doing renovations on your house is the perfect time to install the UP 10-16 with a dedicated return line.” She went on to say, “I’ve had lots of friends and family stay with me and afterward, they always say they need to get one for their house.”


As shared in this case story, the everyday benefits of this small but mighty pump to homeowners are unmatched. For Tripp, she selected the Grundfos UP 10-16 hot water recirculation pump to use with a dedicated return line in her new home. For many homeowners who do not have a dedicated return line and want access to instant hot water, Grundfos created the Comfort System. The Comfort System does not require a dedicated return line and instead uses a bypass valve, which is just as easy for an experienced plumber to install. 



About the Grundfos UP 10-16 Series

The UP 10-16 Series sets the standard for efficient, reliable operation. Available in two models for homes 2,000 square feet or less that have a dedicated return line installed: timer allows the pump to be programmed to run only when hot water is needed; temperature adds the use of an internal sensor to keep the water temperature within an optimal range.

  • Reduced energy consumption to 5-8.5 W
  • Permanent Magnet Motor, silent operation
  • One-touch operation
  • Compact design