Sustainability depends on high-quality, reliable solutions

At Grundfos, we’re determined to be the best partner when it comes to making energy-efficient HVAC and plumbing installations in commercial buildings. As an established global industry leader, we play a leading role in driving energy efficiency, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. 

A key part of this is developing high-quality, reliable solutions. Because if our solutions are not of sufficient quality, they will not last. And without reliable systems, we cannot ensure safe, comfortable lives. 

High quality means less replacement

When we work to ensure reliability through quality, we secure high durability – and, thereby, long-lasting, high-performing products. This also makes it possible for us to only use replacement schematics when new technology developments demand this.

We’re also moving from an individual products approach to focusing on pre-fabricated, fully-integrated modular pumping systems. 

Plant construction delivers 80% productivity compared to only 40% for traditional field-built pumping systems.

Replacing traditional balancing and control valves with smaller intelligent pumps can save up to 54% energy.

Expanding on our digital offerings

Another part of our efforts involves our journey towards full integration of e-solutions. We are focused on solutions that are both fully optimized and do not compromise on performance and occupant comfort. Our distributed pumping chilled water system design that replaces traditional balance and control valves with intelligent pumps is an example of this.

We want to deliver high quality to our customers – and we want to deliver it throughout the entire journey. That’s why we work to optimize all steps, from initiation and investigation to scoping, ordering, delivery, commissioning and after-sales service. 
Watch the film to find out how we work every day to develop solutions and systems that excel in quality and reliability.