All over the world, people are working relentlessly to overcome global water challenges as increasing demand, contamination and our modern way of living continues to place severe stress on our water. Be inspired by their actions. Together, we can solve the world’s water and climate challenges.

This is a story that needs to be told


Solutions for cities

Solutions are available to help meet the increasing water needs of expanding cities all over the world — no matter if they are big or small. Be inspired by those who work relentlessly to secure our cities’ water. They have shown that with intelligent solutions, we can deliver reliable, efficient supplies of clean water; help manage wastewater and flooding; and safeguard our precious water resources with less stress on the environment.

Solutions for industries

Around 80% of all wastewater is returned to the environment untreated. This can be changed with intelligent solutions that allow us to treat and reuse our water.

Learn about how we can make a real difference together.  Discover how intelligent solutions can help industries use water more efficiently, thereby enhancing the sustainability of their businesses and reducing their impact on the environment.

Solutions for buildings

Intelligent solutions are available to help us substantially reduce the world’s CO2 emissions for a positive, lasting impact on our climate — without compromising on comfort. Together, we can secure the necessary solutions for any building to help combat climate challenges and save a significant amount of energy at the same time.

Discover INTO DUST – a film celebrating those who take action #ForOurWater

INTO DUST is a brand-new film based on a true story, brought to you by the Grundfos Foundation in association with Academy Award-winning director Orlando von Einsiedel, INTO DUST focuses on Perween Rahman, a Pakistani woman who sacrificed everything to secure clean water for her community. It’s a story about water scarcity — rin Karachi, Pakistan, and across cities all over the world. Discover INTO DUST and learn more about the global water crisis.

Reducing global water scarcity:
A story that needs to be told

A growing number of cities are running out of clean water. To solve this, we must change out collective mindset by working together to deliver solutions. Together, we can make a real difference for people all over the world.
Water belongs to all of us, and we must care #FOROURWATER.

“The world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way.”

- Poul Due Jensen, Grundfos founder 

In 1973, his son Niels Due Jensen set a new sustainable agenda and decided that each new Grundfos pump had to be 10% more energy efficient than the previous. Since then, our ambitions have built upon the Grundfos legacy — to go beyond business and to use our water management expertise to address and solve global water challenges.

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Find out about our intelligent solutions and be inspired by those who take action #ForOurWater