An introduction to the features and benefits of the ALPHA1 circulator pump

Learn the three main reasons to choose the ALPHA 1

The ALPHA1 is a reliable and high-efficiency circulator pump from Grundfos offering basic functionality. 

In this module, you will get to know about the three main reasons to choose the ALPHA1 – it is:

• Reliable and affordable,

• Fits most heating applications, and

• Has robust start-up functionality.

The ALPHA1 circulator is an affordable alternative in the range of ALPHA circulator pumps. 

The high-efficiency ALPHA1 is suitable for new installations and replacement installations. 

The energy-efficiency index (EEI) for the ALPHA1 is equal to or below 0.20, and this makes it the ideal choice for replacement of old inefficient pumps, reducing the energy bill for the end-user.

Built to provide maximum reliability throughout the long pump life, the ALPHA1 has durable ceramic bearings and shaft, as well as corrosion-resistant stainless-steel components. 

Blockages may, however, occur during longer periods of standstill. 

But thanks to the robust start-up, this is no challenge for the ALPHA1. The pump automatically goes into de-blocking mode and attempts a restart 3 times per second. 

This creates a shaking motion that swiftly breaks up any deposits of dirt or lime – without external interference.

With three control modes and nine settings to choose from, the ALPHA1 is flexible enough for you to use in most heating applications.

Thanks to its simple user interface, setting up the pump is easy, and you do this by means of a single button. 

Simply press the button to toggle through the nine settings.

We will now look at the main applications in which the ALPHA1can be used:

• One-pipe radiator systems and domestic hot water circulation,

• Two-pipe radiator systems with thermostatic radiator valves 

• Underfloor heating systems

As an installer, you will find the ALPHA1 easy to install and wire. 


Perhaps you already know the ALPHA Plug, through which the pump is powered, and which makes wiring quick and easy without special tools. 

The ALPHA plug also allows for much quicker maintenance since you do not need to unwire and rewire the pump. The simple user interface shows powerconsumption and fault codes for easy troubleshooting.

At any time, you can track the pump performance, as the actual power consumption in watt can be read from the display on the pump.  

In the event of a fault, the display will indicate a fault code for easy trouble-shooting:


• E1 means the rotor is blocked, while

• E2 indicates insufficient supply voltage, and 

• E3 shows an electrical fault.

That covers the main benefits the ALPHA1 brings to you as an installer. 

Let’s recap the three main reasons to choose the ALPHA1:

• You can install the ALPHA1 in both new and replacement installations, where the basic functionality makes it the most affordable choice;

• It fits in most heating applications, each of which match a specific control mode;

• The build quality and robust start-up functionality ensures maximum reliability through a long pump life.   

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