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Get the Wastewater Engineering Manual 2 – for large pumping stations

If you work with wastewater pumping stations and discharge systems using wastewater pumps up to 520 kW, this manual offers guidance for submersible and dry-pit submersible installation and operation. The manual discusses pump sump design, the proper anchoring of pipe systems, and factors such as sound, noise, air entrainment, vorticity and vibration, together with our recommendations.

For smaller systems, please see the ‘Wastewater Engineering Manual 1’ (pumps with motors from 0.15 kW to 30 kW).

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Sewage and stormwater applications

In addition to traditional wastewater discharge systems, sewage and stormwater applications are dealt with separately to ensure the right pump selection and installation.

Correct pump sump design

For pump sump design, we discuss how correct layout with benches in the wet pits and requirements for concrete foundations in dry-pit installations optimise operations.

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