Increasing energy efficiency can have many positive impacts


Energy consumption and CO² emissions play a critical role in climate change. As climate change can lead to severe droughts in some places and heavier rainfall and floods in others, energy reduction is a crucial step that we can take together


How can we increase building intelligence and waste less?

Implementing intelligent solutions in commercial and domestic buildings can significantly reduce energy consumption and unlock huge energy savings – without compromising on comfort. If everyone across the world prioritises intelligent solutions in buildings, we will not only improve energy efficiency, but also contribute towards overcoming the world’s biggest environmental issues and substantially reduce global CO² emissions.

CO² and climate change

Solutions are available to tackle excessive energy usage in small and large buildings alike. With energy consumption currently accounting for 73% of the world’s CO2 emissions*, we can make a difference with intelligent solutions.

*Source: United Nations Water

Energy consumption in buildings

40% of the EU’s entire energy consumption comes from buildings, making them the largest energy consumer*. With more intelligent and energy efficient solutions in buildings, we can change this.

*Source: European Commission Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Unlock huge energy savings – without compromising on comfort

We can significantly reduce energy consumption for cooling with intelligent solutions. Since the turn of the century, energy used for cooling has doubled*. Together, we can increase building intelligence and waste less.

*Source: International Energy Agency

Simple pump swaps lead to huge savings

With the city of Dubai looking to reduce its energy use by 30% by 2030, it was crucial to optimise a number of buildings that were running inefficiently. Intelligent solutions allowed them to achieve energy savings of up to 80%.

Saving energy without compromising comfort

When the 5-star Marriott hotel in Shunde, China, decided to optimise its hotel, intelligent solutions from Grundfos helped them to achieve huge energy savings without compromising guest comfort – maintaining its 5-star reputation and while improving its environmental footprint.

Retrofitting for a sustainable future

Sligo University Hospital retrofitted its heating system with new boilers and intelligent pump solutions, reducing its energy consumption by 80%. Find out how they did it.

Intelligent solutions for any building

From HVAC and pressure boosting to hot water circulation and wastewater, Grundfos iSOLUTIONS ensure better performance, comfort, control and energy efficiency in any commercial building.

Discover our solutions

By building strong, lasting partnerships with all those who work relentlessly #FOROURWATER, offering them expertise and intelligent solutions, we can help overcome the world’s water and climate challenges together. Explore our vast range of intelligent solutions for water utilities.

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