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How to control pump selection criteria when sizing

When using the Grundfos sizing tools you can set your own pump selection criteria, such as duty points and energy costs.

Find out more on pump selection criteria in this video.

Rely on your own pump selection criteria

Here’s a smart way to find a pump that fits an application based on your own pump selection criteria.

Step 1: Select your application criteria

Start by going to 'Products & Services’. To control the evaluation criteria and make your selection process easier, choose an application in the selection area tab. Input your current flow and head. Click the 'size product' arrow to further narrow down your search.

Step 2: Select duty points

Type in your duty points and select your evaluation criteria, such as price or energy costs. Please be aware that energy costs are influenced by the control range, the load profile and the calculation period.

Step 3: Review the list of products

You will be given a list of products that fulfil your duty points and evaluation criteria, sorted by life cycle costs. You can also find other information such as energy costs, energy used per year and the energy mark to find the exact pump that fits your needs.

Now you are ready to size your pump.

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