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How to get perfect hydronic balancing with Grundfos GO Balance

Get better home comfort with the desired room temperatures in all rooms in the house by using the Grundfos GO Balance app.

Learn about the hydronic balancing tool for Grundfos pumps

Grundfos GO Balance provides the Installer with an easy and reliable balancing tool for their daily work when performing hydronic balancing of heating systems installed with Grundfos pumps. This ensures optimal distribution of hot water in the heating system and helps achieve better home comfort with the desired room temperatures in all rooms in your house.

For Installers, once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone or tablet, you benefit from a process completed entirely onsite:

  • Balance radiators remotely

With the app in your hand you’ll be guided through the balancing process step by step for radiator, underfloor heating or combined systems. This is quick, easy to use and saves time compared to traditional tools.

  • Create reports on the spot

All data and calculations are literally in the palm of your hand. Once the system is balanced, a report will automatically be generated – which you can store and email directly from the app.

  • Access old balancing results

If you need to go back in time, all old balancing results are easily accessed via the app.

Benefits for homeowners

Homeowners will benefit from increased home comfort with the desired heat in all rooms and cost savings, depending on the house and heating system.

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