Airconditioning: India’s greenest building reduces energy by 50%

"Today the primary pumps and secondary water pumps or the condensor water pumps that are operating at the efficiency of 70-75% which is tremendous for this kind of ratings of the pumps. Our target at the Green building council is to achieve 10 billion Sq.ft in the next 2 to 3 years and Grundfos would be part of the journey and they would have a big role to play here. ” Mr.S. Srinivas Prinipal Adviser, CII- Confederation of Indian Industry

The situation

The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) is an industry association headquartered in Hyderabad,India. CII's Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Center (CII Godrej GBC) was established in 2004 to advisory services to Indian industries in the areas of:

Green building . Energy Efficiency . Water management . Environmental management . Renewable energy . Green business incubation Climate change activities. As a part of continuous improvement, CII Godrej GBC went for upgradation of their airconditioning plant for which Grundfos was chosen to be the leading solution provider for chilled water pumps.

The solution

Grundfos was faced with a challenge to over a highly efficient solution on the strictest timeline to the first green buildingof the country. As a part of building improvement project, an additional challenge of providing the entire solution in theexisting footprint was encounteredGrundfos iSOLUTIONS with state of the art CRE pumps were best fit for the application with its intuitive functionalitiesand IE5 level of motor effciency“We had to offer our energy efficient product, at the same time give a long term solution which is compatible to CII’s futurerequirement as well” says Mr.James – Sales Head (AP & TS)  

The Outcome

Mr. Srinivas, Principal Advisor to CII - Confederation of Indian Industry says, “We have been using Grundfos solutionsright from the operation of our building and are extremely overwhelmed by its performance for all these years – main reason for going for Grundfos solution again” Post retrofit, Grundfos solutions with a combined wire to water efficiency of 75% was able to bring down the energy consumption by almost half.Going forward, CII Godrej GBC is looking at Grundfos as a valuable partner in their Green Building movement ofachieving 10 million sq.feet in the next 2 to 3 years.