WATER BOOSTING: Grundfos water boosters in mobile washrooms serve as a respite for disaster management teams


Managing through emergency and disaster is a tough challenge, especially when it involves a longer duration onsite. To address the basic hygiene and sanitary needs of rescue, disaster management and Law & Order Teams, Grundfos India in association with a renowned coach bodybuilder company, provided an exclusive pressure boosting solution for installation in the mobile bathroom with a shower and 3 toilets (WC & WB). The customer was in need of a compact pressure booster pump, that can run on the automobile’s battery or inverter supply, with low maintenance and low noise.


After analyzing the customer’s requirements, Grundfos recommended SCALA2 pressure booster pumps. Grundfos SCALA2 is very compact, resulting in a lesser footprint, easy to install & maintain, less noise and highly reliable. In this case, Grundfos SCALA2 runs on inverter - 100AH, tubular battery - 12V. The pumps consume less energy, have built-in dry run protection, and are VFD driven - pressure adjustment depending upon pressure drop from the washrooms.


Grundfos SCALA2 pressure booster with inverter and VFD driven capabilities provided the ideal sanitary solution to the customer. This enabled hygiene facilities for law and order/rescue teams posted at the site during challenging situations. Since it is a VFD driven pump, it runs at variable speed and water consumption is optimum (demand-based - no wastage of water). This is a significant contribution by Grundfos in achieving our SDG6 goal.

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