Sustainable Farming: Grundfos iSOLUTIONS Enables Horticulture Through Aeroponics Technology

He continues: "We have endless stories with customers who were pumping with other brands, in drillings where waters were aggressive – especially abrasive because of the sand – and it caused failures constantly," he says. "But then the customers changed to Grundfos SPs, and it meant a total change. Now they have whole irrigation seasons without needing to check the pump, with an optimal performance in the well every year."

Silver Hidráulica has been selling Grundfos pumps in Castile and León for about 25 years.

"I think that for us, it was a guarantee to work with a brand that already had a good image."

Juan Luis Pérez of pump distributor Silver Hidráulica (left) visits farmer Justino Medrano at a sugarbeet plantation near Valladolid, Spain. End customers like Medrano identify Silver with Grundfos. "All the values that Grundfos gives to Silver, we try to give them to the market. And the result is very positive," says Juan Luis Pérez.

The outcome

Juan Luiz Pérez says that top-quality, energy-efficient products are the foundation for his business' growth. The Grundfos brand helps his business grow.

"Grundfos gives us a great brand image, as well as its credibility," he says. "All the values that Grundfos gives to Silver, we try to give them to the market. And the result is very positive."

In Castile and León, Silver Hidráulica might as well be called Grundfos. "All of our customers from any industry identify us with Grundfos. They know us as Grundfos."

And that, he says, is what makes all the difference.

"The fact that the market identifies us with Grundfos - it makes us feel proud. The fact that they identify you with a renowned brand, a top brand, it's very important."

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