Prefabricated Pumping System Helps Navi Mumbai Mitigate Water Stress

The Situation

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Pranav Sawant - CEO, Industrial Marketing Associates, Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a planned city off the west coast of the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city is in the tropical climate zone and has three seasons namely, summer, monsoon, and winter.

Though the city is well planned, managing the sewage water generated from slum areas and unorganised settlements is a chaIlenging task, and these sewage Iines often discharge into the nearby creeks (naIlas).  It leads to:

  • Water bodies getting contaminated resulting in water stress.
  • A foul odour present in and around the discharge area making it unsuitable for human activities/settlement.
  • Air quality deterioration due to sewage odour that permeates across the settlement.
  • Navi Mumbai has an abundant green cover ranging from forest patches to mudflats and mangroves in the coastal region, making it an idyllic spot for birdwatching. However, the sewage discharges makes it challenging for the diverse flora and fauna to thrive.

The Solution

Grundfos’ Engineers in association with our partner M/s Industrial Marketing visited the site to understand the situation, constraints, and worked on a suitable, long-term solution. The compactness of the Grundfos PUST made it a viable answer for the additional land didn’t have to be acquired.

The Outcome

After the PUST installation, the sewage is being directed into the PUST and pumped to the nearest STP which resulted in positive outcomes in terms of improvement in public health, hygiene conditions, air quality, momentary benefits in the sale of treated sewage and increase in the number of settlements near STP areas.

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