Grundfos India partners with MCCI for the conference on Making Chennai a Climate Smart City

Conference focuses on developing solutions to make Chennai a climate-friendly, resilient and liveable city 

Chennai, November 09, 2020: Grundfos India, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology is sponsoring Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s (MCCI) fourth conference under UN-Habitat’s Urban Thinkers Campus, on the theme ‘Making Chennai a Climate Smart City’. The two-day long conference, scheduled virtually on November 9th and 10th 2020, will provide a platform for experts and urban stakeholders, to deliberate on solutions that can make Chennai resilient for future climate-change complications. The event is expected to have participants from various countries across industries, experts from the government, diplomats and policymakers.

Rapid urbanization, which has nearly doubled in Chennai since 1991 has led to intensified environmental and infrstructural problems. From water scarcity to flooding, the impact of climate change has also affected Chennai drastically. The speakers at this conference will address key topics from Climate Change, Managing Disasters and Building Resilience, Green cover & Green infrastructure and  Policies and Governance. These discussions will aid in providing robust action plans for making Chennai a Climate Smart City – one which can be resilient and livable for the future generations.

Grundfos India is supporting this conference, given its strong belief that by adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), Chennai can truly become a Climate Smart City. For Grundfos sustainability is at the core of its business - a mind-set and a way to do business. The company pushes the boundaries of possibility in energy efficiency and water conservation. Through its specific focus on SDG #6 (water) and SDG #13 (climate), Grundfos foresees that pumps and water solutions can have a big impact by improving water and energy efficiencies in the city.

Speaking on ‘Managing Chennai's Water Resources’, in the session on Managing Disasters and Building Resilience, Saravanan Paneer Selvam, General Manager, INDO Region, Grundfos, said “In the last few years we have seen Chennai suffer with floods as well as drought like conditions. These are extreme issues which have occurred not only because of climate change, but because of poor planning to mitigate climate change and to address the rapid urbanization. We need to have a more wholistic approach to water and wastewater management in the city. We have to have a renewed focus on water – how can we recharge and restore our water resources and how can we use and reuse water more efficiently. Chennai needs to adopt efficient and sustainable technology and solutions that can make it a smart and resilient city.”

Grundfos India is working towards helping Indian industries and corporates save both energy and water not only through its highly energy-efficient products but also through the energy and water audits it conducts.