Careful selection ensures satisfaction

When Dirk Verberck needs the right products for solving his daily tasks, he stops by his local Van Marcke wholesaler, just like his fellow installers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. This year, Van Marcke and Grundfos present an entirely new way of supplying the very best pumps and products to customers across the countries.The two companies embarked on a joint project in order to help each other win market shares, and at the same time supply end-users with the best of the best.

“At Van Marcke, we are always aiming at being the market leader in our area, just like Grundfos. So when we looked for interesting partners, Grundfos was a good choice. We share values and have a similar approach to business, which we are certain our customers will benefit from, for instance in picking great products from our shelves,” says Bart Houpline, Category Manager at Van Marcke.

Showing off the skills
One of the ways in which the two companies have brought their partnership to the next level is by testing shop-in-shop solutions, where Grundfos products receive special attention in some of the Van Marcke departments. This, in combination with other initiatives, for instance training Van Marcke staff in the functions and use of Grundfos products, has proven quite successful.

“The cooperation between the Danish and Belgian Grundfos teams and Van Marcke has been amazing. Both parties were keen on exploring any possibilities for improving and excelling in customer service. These core values of both companies are stepping stones that we can use in acquiring market shares together,” says Bart Houpline.

The aim of the project is to influence decision makers, in this case installers, to choose Grundfos products when visiting the shops.

Off to a great start
For Grundfos, it is the very first time the company has entered into a partnership like this. And the first phases of the collaboration have been nothing but good.

“The concept turns a relationship with a key account into a strategic partnership. The key account grants you floor space to demonstrate and is awarded with rapidly growing sales. It is a win-win situation, which gives the relationship a positive boost,” says Ronny Depoortere, General Manager of Grundfos Bellux -(Belgium and Luxembourg).

Based on the experience from the Belgian partnership, Grundfos is considering expanding the concept to involve other interesting wholesalers across the globe.