Groundbreaking technology helps homeowners

There are countless growth opportunities in the new series of lifting stations. The development of the SOLOLIFT is unique, as 15 new features have lifted the product to a much higher level.
- With SOLOLIFT2 everything becomes more reliable, easier, quicker and less costly, and so it is a groundbreaking product to which we have high expectations, said Product Manager for lifting stations, Ralf Schomaecker.
SOLOLIFT2 was presented at the ISH fair, the world’s largest sanitary fair, at which the visitors showed great interest in the product.

Easy handling of waste water
SOLOLIFT2 is a product for homeowners for handling waste water from bathrooms or kitchens. A compact tank with an integrated knife pump, called a lifting station, ensures that the waste water is led through a pipe that may be down to 2 cm in diameter. This means that SOLOLIFT2 is perfectly suited for the renovation of houses, at which operation the waste water is disposed of without the request for existing pipe work or drainpipes. For instance, with the narrow pipes it is easy to establish a bathroom in the attic or an outdoor kitchen with far less expenses than usual.

Developed in cooperation with installers
To improve the old SOLOLIFT+, installers in Denmark, UK and Germany were consulted. Their responses resulted in the motor being separated from the waste water. This means that installers avoid being soiled when repairing the motors, due to groundbreaking technology. Five products are included in the new series and so, as there were seven in the old series, wholesalers will need smaller warehouses. However, this is not the only advantage. Installation requires less time and this results in lower prices for the end users. SOLOLIFT2 is launched in most of Europe as well as Russia and China.