Reducing risk of COVID-19 among refugees

With the support of Poul Due Jensen Foundation, PlanBørnefonden (Plan International) is making an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Ethiopia's refugee camps.

When the corona epidemic broke out, it did not take long for PlanBørnefonden, Plan International’s Danish chapter, and the Poul Due Jensen Foundation to earmark two million Danish kroner to the fight against the spread of coronavirusin the camps. The donation is giving the refugees access to clean water and sanitation products as well as information on good hygiene.

"Thanks to our long-term strategic partnership with the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, we were able to quickly launch a project for vulnerable refugees and internally displaced persons in Ethiopia. The project implementation has been successful and we have already received many grateful feedback from refugees and a very cooperating government," says Bjarke Skødt Fabricius, who is in charge of planbørnsfonden's efforts to limit the spread of infection in Ethiopia.

Thanks to the support of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, PlanBørnefonden’s efforts to protect refugees in Ethiopia will so far run until September and is expected to benefit 330,000 people.

Red more on The Poul Due Jensen Foundation's website here.