We are highlighted for turning risks into opportunities

This week, the Global Opportunity Report 2015 was unveiled at a summit in Zürich, Switzerland. The report, which is the result of a global survey conducted by the UN, Monday Morning and DNV Glas, puts focus to some of the great challenges, the world is facing, while highlighting some of the innovative solutions to them. One of the issues presented is the lack of access to fresh water.

In the report it is made clear, that even though access to water is protected under international human rights law, lack of fresh water threatens health and societal cohesion and also poses risks to food and energy security.

But in touch with the purpose of the report, where there is risk, there is opportunity. And this goes for water as well, for instance the opportunity of treating our wastewater in new ways, and thereby “creating” new resources – or reusing them and thereby freeing up other resources.

Here, Grundfos BioBooster’s decentralised watertreatment plants are being put forward as one way of doing this. In the report, one of the upsides being mentioned is the possibility of treating the water at the point source, and thereby minimising the ecological impact, as well as the scalable system’s versatile usability, rendering it capable of handling wastewater from both municipal and industrial sources – which broadens its potential for use significantly.

“Lack of water is a challenge, we’ve been concerned about for years, and we’re happy it’s being recognised. However, it’s not just this scarce resource, which has to be put into consideration. Energy too, has to be in focus. Energy and water goes hand in hand, and we have to think about water efficiency, when we search for future answers. Grundfos is continuously working on developing solutions, which can transport water more efficiently, which can bring water to remote places using alternative power, for instance from the sun, and which can make a significant difference for people all over the world. This makes sense from a business- and a human point of view alike,” says Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Group Vice President, Group Communications and Public Affairs at Grundfos.

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