Catch our truck on the road and get to see in person our smart and sustainable irrigation solutions.

Catch us on the road

The Grundfos JAL SE JEEVAN YATRA truck will be on the road starting September 22nd, 2023 onwards. Our aim is to continue to bring water to rural India and empower you with solar, smart and sustainable water solutions.

Catch us on the road and check out our products in person and get to chat with our Grundfos experts to learn more about how Grundfos can elevate your irrigation needs.

Roadshow Date & Location Details:

Please click on each box to get the Google maps location that our truck will be at. Note that we will be constantly updating the venues & locations of the truck as we go.

How does SP solar deliver more water per watt than a conventional pump?

The SP solar supplies more water per watt, is highly reliable, and cuts down installation time and cost. Download our brochure to learn more.

Combine solar power with electricity in remote areas to ensure constant power

Grundfos PowerAdapt is the power blending solution that will ensure you a constant power output by supplementing solar power with electricity from an additional source. The solution allows you to maintain solar power as your main source of energy while enjoying stable operation.

Get empowered with solar-powered water supply

Grundfos solar water solutions bring water where it is needed most - we provide community water supply from source to tap with zero energy costs and extremely low running costs. Our solar solutions also deliver the highest levels of reliability and viability which empowers farmers and water service providers with resilience when facing challenges such as climate change or lack of infrastructure.

Solar Water Solutions up to 250kW with the new RSI

The new inverter (RSI) makes it possible to use renewable energy as the primary energy source for pumps up to 250kW. This means that farmers can save energy costs for their water supply.

Extended SQFlex Solar Powered Submersible Pump Range

The SQFlex AC/DC powered submersible pump range now includes high-speed models to ensure even better coverage of your solar-powered water pumping needs.