Grundfos helps Haldiram Snacks save 40% energy and reduce their carbon footprint

Haldiram Snacks, an Indian multinational sweets, snacks and restaurant company, is known for delivering goods with highest degree of excellence to their consumers. Based in Noida, New Dehli, the company’s core emphasis is on delivering healthy, traditional and delicious foods worldwide.

The Situation

Behind the scenes, Haldiram's team works tirelessly around the clock to deliver and maintain the highest global standards.

For Haldiram, reliable pumps and automated systems are essential throughout their production. Downtime caused by pump breakdowns, frequent maintenance, or manual operation issues can significantly disrupt their manufacturing process.

When Grundfos performed an Energy Check on their existing pumping system, it showed that Haldiram's systems were oversized for their required performance. Due to poor pump designs, their pumps had a very low efficiency resulting in the very high energy consumption and incurring huge operational costs.

"We are happy with Grundfos products and its solution, they are experts in providing reliable solutions and ensure we reduce or energy and carbon footprint."

- Omveer Singh, AVP - Engineering, Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd.


The Solution

Focusing on providing energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, Grundfos pumps was used across various applications ranging from water supply, water transfer, HVAC-R, stormwater and more. Through Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, Haldiram Snacks achieved 40% energy savings and a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, with a payback time of just 11 months in a single application.

The outcome

From one of the applications in Haldiram, the following savings were achieved:

  • 54% reduction in connected load
  • 11-month payback time
  • 40% energy savings
  • 28.7 tons/year of CO2 emissions reduction
  • 125,056 kWh of annual energy reduction

Download the case story for more details and the full list of Grundfos solutions that helped Haldiram Snacks achieve 40% energy savings and a substantial reduction of carbon emissions following an upgrade to their existing pump system.


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