Grundfos made it possible to keep the The Kimberley Diamond Cup Skateboarding competition rolling

The Kimberley Diamond Cup is an annual skateboarding event held at the beginning of each southern hemisphere Spring in Kimberley, South Africa. The event features the largest single-event prize purse in skateboarding, $100 000, as first prize in the competition - and is the largest skateboarding competition in Africa.

The Background

The 2015 Kimberley Diamond Cup featured skaters from more than 50 countries. To manage the event, offices and water and sanitation solutions needed to be installed to not only help manage the event but also streamline event organisation.

The solution requested, was simple – a septic tank was required and a solution to pump sewerage from the newly built offices to a nearby sewer pipeline. To lessen the running costs of the event, a solution was needed to pump sewerage from the offices to a nearby sewer pipeline. The decrease in costs should also have influenced the costs of a contractor and honey sucker to manage this procedure every 6 months. Which was part of the initial solution. 


The Solution

Grundfos offered a solution that far surpassed the initial request and saved even further on costs. There was no need for a septic tank, big cutter sewer pumps, a big sewer pipeline, nor a contractor to dispose of the sewerage. Grundfos Sololift Pumps were installed. The Grundfos Sololift Pump cuts toilet paper and sewage every time a toilet is flushed, pumps are away through a small 50mm HDPE pope, to the nearest sewer pipeline. The solution, offered by Grundfos, was easy to install, small, easy to clean and offered an alarm to alert the customer when a blockage occurs, making it the perfect solution to use at every green building project.


The Outcome

Grundfos Sololift Pumps made it possible to build new offices with functional toilets and refuse systems for the annual skateboarding event in Kimberley. Additionally, they also offer a future for the people of Kimberley, adding to job creation, and making a large saving on energy costs where a 5,4kW Cutter Pump would have been used, whereas now it only uses 0.62kW.