Industrial Cooling: Optimal control delivers 52% energy savings




- €15,500 SAVED A YEAR



Discover how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS enabled a packaging manufacturer to significantly improve process operation and operating costs in its cooling application.

For a UK packaging manufacturer, cooling system reliability and control is essential. That’s why it chose Grundfos to supply intelligent pumps and controls in a retrofitting project that resulted in huge operational savings of €15,500 a year. 


Existing system

Existing pumps details:
3x end-suction pumps, IE2 motors

Existing control mode:
Duty/duty/standby, fixed speed

Existing operation mode:
Controlled by pressure rather than differential temperature

New system

New system details:
3x Grundfos NBE 65-200/198 + Control MCP-E + Grundfos DPI

New control mode:
Temperature control – differential temperature

New operation mode:
Pumps will adjust their speed depending on how much flow is needed to guarantee a constant and stable cooling loop temperature

Solution & outcome

A new pump system from Grundfos was selected due to its differentiated built-in control mode based on constant differential temperature. Keeping a dT of 3 degrees – as requested by the customer – cooling capacity was kept the same, but Grundfos products reduced the flow to ensure optimal thermal exchange, thereby minimising the losses of the previous system.

Easy operation

Reliable process optimisation of existing pump installations was achieved by our out-the-box-ready solution, featuring built-in controls based on our deep application knowledge.

Full Control

Intelligent pumps with integrated frequency converters brought a unique array of built-in pump functionalities that benefit most systems in terms of comfort, user-friendliness, process adaptability, connectivity and operating efficiency.

Maximised reliability

The final delivered package improved operating performance and ensured corresponding savings in energy use and maintenance. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS guarantees temperature setpoints never deviate from what’s necessary to ensure optimum operating conditions.

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