Potable water gets to more than 7000 people living near Bafikrom, Ghana


Ghana Central Region is one of the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana. It is bordered by Ashanti and Eastern regions to the North, Western region to the West, Greater Accra region to the east, and to the South stands the Gulf of Guinea. It is Renowned for its many elite higher education institutions and an economy based on an abundance of industrial minerals.  It is a major centre for tourism with the most beautiful beaches, national parks and prominent UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle erected in 1482.  In this region you will find a small town named Bafikrom which is situated approximately 2 hours west from Ghana’s capital - Accra. The town is  so small it cannot be found on google maps, yet its water treatment plant provides water to many nearby communities.

In 2019, leading consultancy and civil engineering company in Ghana – Bhekans Services, was awarding a contract to ensure that potable water gets to more than 7000 people living in 15 communities within a 20 km distance from the Bafikrom town.  This project was financed by World Bank and implemented by the Ghana Community Water and Sanitation Authority (CWSA). Some of these communities have not had portable water for over 13 years, and individuals had to walk long distances to the nearest river for access to water.


The situation

The initial design required vertical turbine pumps due to the suction lift conditions and space limitations in the pump room.  “With the technical know-how and experiences of Ing Okaikoi Okaiteye from Berton GOC - a Grundfos partner, we were able to convince the consultant to use Grundfos CR 32-4-2 vertical centrifugal pumps,” says Grundfos Ghana-based Key Account Manager - Martin Appiah-Danquah. 


The Solution

The CR pumps not only overcome the suction lift conditions whilst providing the required pressure and flow but has a far greater economic advantage for CWSA. The Grundfos CR pump is designed around high efficiency, user-friendliness and ease of maintenance, therefore consuming less energy to operate and reduce the time for general maintenance.  Furthermore, the CR pump has a smaller footprint which fits perfectly in the already tight spaced pump house.

The Outcome and satisfaction

Ing Okaikoi Okaiteye from Berton GOC stated “My partnership with Grundfos is fairly new and has been a great asset to my organisation.  I find Grundfos to be a one-stop supplier for all water-related projects, from product purchasing to after-sales support.

The pump system now provides water to 15 communities, some of which are a 20 km distance away from the Bafikrom Water Treatment plant. More than 7000 people now have access to clean potable water and for some elderly men and women, it is their first time to see water flowing from a pipe or tap.