SMART Digital Dosing Keeps Safe Foods Consistent

Safety and consistency are essential when supplying food to 250 million people each day. To solve the challenges Safe Foods was facing when dosing peracetic acid, the company partnered with Grundfos to develop a solution by leveraging the Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pump. Variable speed stepper motors in chemical feed pumps open the door for smart technologies. Grundfos’ smart drive strategies like AutoDeaeration, AutoFlowAdapt and always using 100% stroke length allow for accurate, smooth and continuous dosing that results in safe and reliable chemical delivery every time. Each SMART Digital dosing pump is not only safe and accurate, but it can pinpoint exactly where an issue occurs—allowing Safe Foods’ customers to monitor what’s happening in real-time, identify when it happened and keep the events in their records. The food processing plants benefit from less downtime, fewer maintenance calls and lower chemical costs. Through this partnership, Safe Foods continues to ensure a safer food supply for the world.

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