Ensuring the right pressure and volume of water in a building today calls not just for a reliable system but one that is energy efficient, according to Grundfos external sales representative Nick Pluck.

“Electricity costs are an increasing concern for owners and managers of buildings, and this is from residential and business blocks to hotels and industrial facilities,” says Pluck. “This is where the Grundfos MPC booster systems offer enhanced value.”

Known for their high performance and reliability, the Grundfos Hydro MPC booster systems also offer an advanced, intelligent cascade controller to further improve energy efficiency and ease of operation.

“Over time, the CU 352 smart controller develops its own patterns based on its understanding of a building’s daily requirements,” he explains. “It will register and remember how the water demand changes over the course of a day and ensure the pumps meet that demand without running unnecessarily when demand is low.”

Equipped with this controller, the Grundfos Control MPC can monitor up to six connected identical pumps, each driven by motors with variable speed drives (VSDs).

“We incorporate the VSD so that the controller and MPC can change the speed of each individual motor based on the demand requirement,” he says. “A four-pump system, therefore, could have three pumps running at full capacity while the fourth runs at just 60% - saving energy while still meeting demand.”

As the system’s algorithms calculate patterns, it can trim off waste energy consumption when less pumping is required. The controller can also alternate the starting sequence of the pumps, resulting in more even running time and less wear and tear across the pumps. This allows more accurate and economical service planning and scheduling.

High-efficiency IE3 motors further enhance the Grundfos Hydro MPC’s energy efficiency while maintaining a constant pressure during changing flow demands. With a user-friendly interface, the systems offer ease of installation and commissioning, along with long-term value for money.