New members nominated to the Board of Directors of Grundfos Holding

As previously announced in January, the Board of Directors of Grundfos Holding will extend to 9 members (6 external members and 3 employee elected members) to further strengthen its combined competencies and expertise.

We are very pleased to announce that, Jabine van der Meijs and Cindy Groenke will be nominated for election to the Grundfos Holding Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on May 7.

“We are very happy to welcome both Jabine and Cindy and I am proud to nominate both as members of our Board of Directors. Grundfos will surely benefit from their extensive experience and competencies and I look forward to collaborating with them,” says Chairman of Grundfos Holding, Jens Moberg.

Jabine van der Meijs, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Royal Schiphol Group until end March 2021, is Dutch and comes with many years of experience from numerous finance related roles. She is a board member at Koole Terminals and at Kendrion and brings a combination of experiences from the global energy and infrastructure sector. She has had significant international exposure, having lived all over the world holding major global financial leadership roles with Shell and Royal Schiphol Group.

Cindy Groenke, currently Managing Director of Miele X in the Netherlands, brings extensive international sales, marketing and brand leadership to the board. She also brings experience in driving digital transformations across the value chain, leveraging software and data to improve customer experiences and product innovation. Native German, Cindy has lived and worked across several European countries and is currently based in the Netherlands where she has been building and leading Miele’s new global digital hub Miele X.

“We want a strong mix of profiles in our Board of Directors and I am confident that with these additions, we can provide even more value to the leadership of Grundfos,” says Jens Moberg.

Furthermore, Anders Jakob Vedel has informed us that he will not be available for re-election and will therefore leave the Grundfos Holding Board after the Annual General Meeting on May 7.

“I would like to thank Anders for the great collaboration we have had and for his strong contribution to the development of Grundfos,” says Jens Moberg.

Jens Maaløe, Carsten Reinhardt, Henrik Wulff and Jens Moberg are all available for re-election.