Grundfos specific BIM offerings

Get an overview of what Grundfos offers in BIM and how to find it in Grundfos Product Center. 

Grundfos is pleased to announce its offering of high quality BIM content for use in Revit projects. 

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is a rapidly evolving technology that transforms traditional design planning from 2D to 3D environments. 

These environments understand product relationships, which enable design intent to be more effectively conveyed throughout the design, and building lifecycle.

Grundfos provides specifiers with a comprehensive BIM library of product-based digital models. These can be used to create custom drawings with greater accuracy and system intelligence than ever before. 

These models have been developed for use by stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. 

Grundfos BIM matches a specifier’s common workflow and mirror the logical, hierarchal nature of a designer’s selection process. This complete package comes in the form of lightweight files with full product information and functionality. 

Models integrate with building systems through piping and electrical connection points for system analytics. The entire library of models also implements the latest BIM standards, meaning that placement behavior, appearance, and embedded meta-data will match typical design requirements. 

Product lines from Grundfos -- including Circulators, In-lines, Boosters and more -- all include BIM content that is easily accessible from the Grundfos Product Center. This provides a comprehensive catalog of easily accessible product models. 

The models load using a type catalog, containing a vast amount of configurations. These arrangements are all available in select regional standards, automatically adding parameters to the files as needed with the necessary information.  

Grundfos supplied schedules save specifiers the effort needed to create their own Bills of Material. The schedules can simply be copied and pasted into any project. They will automatically populate with part attributes and quantify Grundfos pumps within the project. 

Grundfos content guides are PDF documents that explain model functionality such as placement and configuration variables. This helps marketing, sales, and project managers to properly select a BIM file without needing to understand the pump in detail. 

This accessibility places Grundfos product details directly into the hands of specifiers at the time of design, and also during construction. 

Grundfos’ BIM offering opens new doors for project specifications, allowing Grundfos products to be embedded into project specifications earlier in the design process through the power of building information modeling.

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