Improved performance with high system reliability and comfort

Understand how always correct flow and high pump energy savings on the primary side do not compromise system reliability and comfort.

In this module, we will show how the Grundfos Distributed Pumping system improves performance of HVAC systems, and gives you confidence in the system. We will also see how system reliability and comfort are not compromised in any way.

But first, let us understand why a distributed pumping system is different. A conventional HVAC system is designed for maximum flow at maximum load. Many systems today are operated either as variable primary flow or primary/secondary chilled water systems… where the best possible way to operate the pump is to reduce the pressure. This ensures the best possible pump speed to match Q and H requirements.

With Distributed Pumping, it is a whole new story. Even at maximum load, we will have energy savings because we have fewer pressure drop components, meaning control and balancing valves.

But when the flow reduces, then the overall pressure in the system also reduces, because there are fewer dynamic losses in the piping.

Variable speed primary pumps are regulated based on sensor measurements from each chiller and over the bypass pipe to fulfill minimum chiller flow.

In addition, they match actual flow from distributed pumps on the secondary side. This ensures optimal delta T, and an optimal chiller working environment.

This means that when we compare to a conventional system with variable speed and optimized pump control, we will still see major pressure reduction with Distributed Pumping as the load goes down, and pressure reduction is equal to energy savings. Compared to a conventional fixed speed system, the savings are even higher.

To sum up – in a distributed pumping system: Flow is always correct, pump speed is modulated based on terminal unit load, with no bypass flow, the flow on the primary and secondary sides is equal, pump energy savings of around 54 % compared to conventional solutions, and there is no excessive pumping of chilled water. With Grundfos Distributed Pumping, you can have confidence in improved performance in installed and commissioned HVAC systems, and know that system reliability and comfort are not compromised in any way.

Course overview

Modules: 4
Completion time
Completion time: 15 minutes
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Difficulty level: Intermediate