How to connect a Grundfos pump to a cooling tower

Discover how to set up your pump in Grundfos GO to ensure optimal operation of your pump and cooling tower according to your needs.

As the previous module outlined, Grundfos pumps play a crucial role in ensuring that cooling towers run as optimally as possible.

In this module, we’re going to show you how to set up the pump in Grundfos GO.

There are actually three ways to set up the pump: via the pump display, via the PC tool or via Grundfos GO. While the two former offer their own advantages, Grundfos GO is the most commonly used and accessible method, which is why this module will focus solely on the setup in Grundfos GO.

First, connect the temperature sensor to the MGE motor via analogue input 1.
After that, you can open the Grundfos GO app and connect it to your pump.
You will need a Grundfos GO dongle to connect the pump to your phone. The dongle can be connected directly to apple phones and via bluetooth for android phones.

Now, it’s time to set up the pump and cooling tower. There are, of course, several ways of doing this. In the following example, we will base our input on a pump operating at a constant temperature, with the temperature sensor controlling the fan.

Start by setting up your sensor.
Select Analogue Input 1.
From here, click ‘Function’ and
select ‘Feedback sensor’.
Then, select ‘Measure’ and
choose ‘Temperature 1.’ Next, simply select your signal type , your temperature transmitter, and your minimum and maximum temperature, which you can find on the temperature transmitter.

Next, you need to select the control mode.
Click ‘Control mode’ followed by ‘Constant temperature’.
If you want to start or stop the fan in the cooling tower, you can use the limit exceed function.

Once you’ve selected the limit exceed function, select temperature 1.

Next, you set a limit at a certain temperature, meaning that the fan will start when the temperature exceeds this limit.

After this, you select a hysteresis band, which determines how low the temperature can be before the fan stops running.
That way, you can ensure that the fan doesn’t start and stop at the slightest temperature deviations, as this could cause wear to the fan motor.

Next, you select the limit exceed to above limit, ensuring that the fan starts when you exceed the previously set temperature.

Finally, select the limit exceed signal relay. When you have been through these steps, the fan is setup and your cooling tower is ready for operation.

This was just an example of how simple it can be to set up a pump and cooling tower in Grundfos GO.

The app offers many more features and functions, so it is entirely possible for you to set your pump and cooling tower up exactly according to your needs.

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