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BMS (Building Management System)

A Building Management System (BMS) is an integrated data network and control system for automation, monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting and other functions in a building. By connecting HVAC equipment, such as sensors, controllers, pumps and fans to a BMS an individual building’s indoor climate can be controlled by special software.

Changes to set points (e.g. temperature) or timer programs can be controlled from a dedicated PC workstation. The PC can monitor the status of connected components to gain an overview of the building’s indoor climate. The system can send e-mail or SMS alarms if a set value is exceeded or operation stops.

Lighting can also be switched on or off by timers, and light sensors can decrease/increase a room’s interior lighting relative to the amount of daylight.

Grundfos pumps for heating and cooling applications fit with all components of integrated building management systems. Linking HVAC components to a BMS gives unlimited possibilities regarding control, as new control strategies can be implemented by reprogramming the control software.

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