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Chilled room

A chilled room is a refrigerated area for cold storage of perishable items, especially food, to preserve them. In a chilled room the temperature is typically between 0-5 °C.

Cold store applications are normally used with a direct expansion air cooler with the primary refrigerant. They can also be seen with liquid transfer fluid in applications with many and relatively large chilled rooms or in applications where the distance between the chilled room and the heat rejection plant is considerable.

The illustration below shows a typical refrigeration plant consisting of two cold stores and two chilled room with an inter-stage cooler working as a condenser for the cold store refrigeration plant. This is a typical application used in office buildings or light industry. By combining the cold store and the chilled room plant with an inter-stage cooler it is possible to remove some of the heat from the cold store on the chilled room application. This is an advantage in relation to energy consumption.

Grundfos supplies a broad range of circulator and water transfer pumps for the chilled room within refrigeration applications.

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