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Consumption profile

The consumption profile shows the relationship between the time of the day and the water flow rate. This is relevant in connection to water boosting systems, where an on-demand water pump is required. Consumption profiles vary from each other depending on the application and the installation types.

For example, the water demand in a hotel will fluctuate a lot during the day. Demand is highest in the morning, as most of the guests’ shower, and all activities including clean­ing, cooking and washing starts up. Demand peaks again around dinnertime.

The consumption profile is important information in the selection process. It greatly influences the choice of booster system type, and the number of pumps required.

A load profile can be made based on this information. From this, we can see how many hours per day a certain flow is required.

On-demand water pumps such as the Grundfos Hydro MPC booster meets the requirements for the varying consumption profiles in buildings or for water distribution.

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