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GENIbus is a pump data communication protocol developed and maintained by Grundfos. It connects Grundfos pumps to pump controllers or via gateways to monitoring and supervisory computers in Building Management Systems and SCADA systems.  

GENIbus is based on the GENIpro (Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunications Protocol), and is a fieldbus developed by Grundfos to meet the need for pump data transfer in all typical Grundfos motor/pump applications. In the field of building management, control of water purifying plants, waterworks and industry applications. 

Grundfos devices with GENIbus can be wired together in networks and integrated in automation systems, as many manufacturers have implemented supervisory solutions with support for GENIbus. 

The major uses are for: 

  • Set point control 
  • Closed loop control 
  • Monitoring and data logging 
  • Configuration 
  • Faultfinding 

The GENIbus has been optimised for utilising pump data for pump control and monitoring, making it an ideal choice for implementing reliable communication in pumps. 

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