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Get the Engineering Manual: Refrigeration and Cooling

Do you work with refrigeration or cooling? From refrigeration process descriptions, traditional industry cooling theories and practices, control techniques and general pump considerations, you will find what you need to know in our manual.

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Which pump for which liquid?

Glycol, NH3, CO2 … can the pump you need handle the refrigeration liquid type? Our Refrigeration and Cooling Manual covers the most important factors in selecting the right models.

Control scenarios for cooling systems

A cooling water supply system operates at full speed on two main pumps, with a throttle and on/off valve and huge energy losses. In our Refrigeration and Cooling engineering manual, you find three scenarios with supporting advices for cooling systems.

Cooling control techniques

Energy saving is often not the first priority of cooling units, since the focus is more on compactness and reliability. But the potential savings in energy and regulation components can be significant if you choose the right control method. We can help you.

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