Recorded webinar

Grundfos HVAC OEM LIN BUS Webinar

Want to know more about the latest innovations related digitalisation in heating systems? Watch this video recording of a webinar that Grundfos HVAC OEM held in cooperation with ebmpapst and get insights into our integration of LIN-BUS communication.

The webinar is relevant for technical and commercial practitioners in Boiler and Heat pump manufactures. But also, practioners in HUI or KIT manufactures.   

Key takeaways from the webinar:

- Digitalisation of the Boiler- and Heat Pump Industry, understanding the evolution in heating applications and preparing the future digitalisation via LIN.

- Walk through of some of the new opportunities with LIN-BUS and how to utilize these.

- LIN-BUS of today and tomorrow – How HVAC component manufacturers see the future and how can we increase digitalisation via LIN.