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Initial costs (Cic) for pump systems

In the calculation of lifecycle cost, the initial cost of a pumping system covers all the equipment and accessories needed to operate the system. 

Initial costs include the purchase of: 

    • Pumps 

    • Frequency converters 

    • Control panels 

    • Transmitters 

The initial costs may conceal the real cost of an installation over its lifetime. 

There are certain trade-offs that should be seen in this context. For instance, a speed-controlled pump system may use considerably less energy compared to a cheaper constant-speed system. Over its lifetime the energy saving can more than offset the higher initial cost. 

The graph compares the initial cost of a constant-speed pump system (system 1) with a speed-controlled pump system (system 2). The higher initial cost of a speed-controlled pump is often offset by lower operating costs. 

Use the Grundfos sizing tool to ensure a realistic basis for calculating initial costs for the complete pump system. 

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