Safeguarding our cities' water


As populations continue to grow, water management is becoming more important than ever. Clean and safe water is essential to every aspect of our world, a fundamental resource that allows us to live and thrive. We must all work together to make a difference and celebrate those who take action


How can we keep up with increasing demand for water?

Intelligent solutions for collecting, supplying, treating and distributing water, as well as controlling floods and treating wastewater, are available. They can help us distribute water more efficiently with fewer leakages, treat wastewater before it returns to the environment, and help safeguard our water resources. With a sustainable water cycle, we can keep up with increasing water demands in all cities –– both big and small. Together, we can ensure clean, safe water for generations to come.

Meeting the demands of urbanisation

Intelligent solutions are available to help us supply and distribute water, as well as treat wastewater. This can ensure that people have continuous access to clean water while relieving stress on the environment.

By implementing them, we will be better prepared for the fact that by 2050 an additional 2.5 billion people are expected to live in cities*.

*Source: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Relieving increasing water stress

Intelligent solutions enable us to provide the more than 2 billion people who live under extreme water stress* (one fourth of the world’s population) with better access to freshwater sources.

*Sources: United Nations Sustainable
Development Goal 6, UNWD Report 2018 + 2020

Minimising water losses

Intelligent solutions are able to maximise pumped water efficiency and mitigate water loss, helping us save more water than ever before. Currently, an average of 30% of all pumped water never reaches the tap, and in some cities, this can reach as high as 60%.*
This can be changed.

*Source: Quantifying the global non-revenue
water problem, R. Liemberger and A. Wyatt

Sustainable wastewater treatment
leads to reuse

In the Chinese city of Shenyang, the influx of people increases the amount of domestic waste. Thanks to intelligent water treatment systems, the Jiangsu WELLE Environmental Company can discharge its water safely and even reuse it, saving water and protecting the climate.

Supplying safe water efficiently

In Talca, Chile, the Essbio-Nuevosur waterworks company faces a growing demand for water, putting pressure on its water supply. But thanks to intelligent solutions in the form for demand driven distribution technology, they were able to meet the new demands, saving energy in the process. A true win-win.

Keeping up with increasing water demands

With increasing urbanisation challenging the water supply at Quijang Water Supply Management in Shaoguan, China, Liu Zhiwei and his team decided to upgrade its waterworks with optimised, intelligent solutions to meet the increasing demands for water. And the result?
Energy savings of up to 33% and additional unexpected benefits as well.

Overcoming chronic flooding

The Indonesian city of Semarang used to suffer from massive flooding. During heavy rainfall and high tides, uncontrollable water masses wreaked havoc on people’s homes and lives. The city has built a strong, unique solution with Grundfos to shelter its citizens from the floods. Learn how the solution increased the quality of living in the city – as well as property values – for its citizens.

Building intelligent water networks

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS utilise intelligent pumps, cloud connectivity and digital services to help water utilities achieve a new level of performance.

Discover our solutions

By building strong, lasting partnerships with all those who work relentlessly #FOROURWATER, offering them expertise and intelligent solutions, we can help overcome the world’s water and climate challenges together.
Explore our vast range of intelligent solutions for water utilities.

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