Save energy and optimise industrial temperature control system performance

Precise and fast temperature control is vital for many industrial processes – but to ensure optimal temperature control at all times while saving energy, you need efficient and smart temperature control. 

Intelligent e-pumps combined with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS help you optimise your overall system performance, maximising efficiency, saving energy and reducing costs and emissions.

By combining intelligent and energy-efficient e-pumps with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, it’s actually possible to reduce energy use by as much as 40% in key applications like cooling.11

Our innovative controllers, integrated frequency converters and silent-running variable-speed pumps help increase the reliability, comfort and energy efficiency of your heating, cooling and refrigeration systems – while reducing complexity and saving operational costs. 

And with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, you get a solution that looks beyond individual components and optimises the entire cooling system. By combining intelligent pumps, cloud connectivity and digital services, you get plug-and-play solutions that connect to almost any monitoring system and deliver actionable data insights.

Whether your system operates above or below zero – and whatever is running through your pipes – we have a pump solution that can match your requirements.

Explore our benefits for industrial temperature control

Our intelligent e-pumps and solutions help optimise industrial temperature control. From optimised system performance and reduced costs to high-efficiency performance, here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

Optimise system performance

Intelligent monitoring solution delivers actionable insights to help optimise system performance.

Reduce costs

By optimising your temperature control system, you can ensure consistent operations and reduce costs.

Improve energy efficiency

Variable frequency-controlled pumps automatically adjust to demand and improve energy efficiency.

Whisky producer saves 40% energy

At William Grant & Sons’ Girvan whisky distillery in Scotland, there’s a high demand for steam. Due to poor control of the boiler feed valves, Grant’s was having maintenance problems and varying steam quality. The control issues not only created huge inefficiencies but also a lot of headaches for the plant operators who were trimming and maintaining the boilers. 

After attending a Grundfos event, the solution was clear: Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. The new solution has helped the company increase energy efficiency and reduce gas usage. At the same time, steam quality and control of level are better, and Grant’s experiences reduced failure rates. 

The new pump can deliver more than the boiler needs, and Grant’s no longer has flooding and cooling issues of the boiler. On boiler gas usage alone, initial analyses showed savings of 1.4% on low-fire all the way up to 6%. The company has also seen 40% energy savings on one pump alone, which equates to about 5,000 GBP (5,600 EUR) a year. A positive knock-on effect is that the new pump is smaller than the old, big pump, meaning spares are cheaper.

The customer achieved

Up to 40% energy savings on the pump operation

Up to 6% savings on gas usage

Approx. 5,600 EUR saved a year

The pump solutions we supplied to the customer

For the boiler feed level control at Grant’s, Grundfos replaced the fixed-speed CR pumps with CRE 15-8 pumps with built-in variable speed and intelligence. They also removed the modulating valve from the boiler. The CRE pump controls the level in the steam boilers, going up and down in speed, depending on demand. All control is handled by the drive at exactly the right time to ensure safe and efficient boiler operation and reduce complexity.

Learn how to achieve optimal temperature control

Save time in your daily work by improving your skills, your know-how and your business with the online training platform ECADEMY. We’ve put together courses to help you optimise temperature control in industrial applications.

Our All-E industry approach

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