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How to find the right pump for your liquid

Save time identifying the right liquid transfer pump for your application.

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Find pumps for liquids fast

With so many liquids needing specific pump requirements, it can be hard to determine which pump for which liquid. Grundfos Product Center has a dedicated section for helping you do just that – quickly and easily.

Step 1: Choose ‘find pump for liquid’

Click on ‘Liquids’ under 'Products & services'. Select your liquid, then type in the temperature and concentration. You will see a safety warning indicating that you should be aware of the flashpoints and boiling points of these liquids.

Step 2: Select pump information

Click ‘next’ and select the product and size. You will get a result that shows if you can pump this liquid under these circumstances.

Step 3: Determine the pump and print the results

Next you can continue either to the catalogue or sizing to find the right pump for the duty points. You can also print all your results.

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