Monitoring solutions for the MIXIT System

MIXIT includes a free monitoring solution on Grundfos BuildingConnect that includes map- and schematic overview, temperature, valve opening, simple alarms and other system information. All the information is provided in our intuitive and user-friendly platform Grundfos BuildingConnect. Furthermore, your MIXIT can easily be upgraded to a professional version that includes access to full monitoring, remote control, trend data, analytics, insightful alarms and user management.

There’s a full range of monitoring options for your MIXIT Solution

Choose the one that’s best for your installation.

BuildingConnect Free

Your MIXIT comes with a free monitoring solution on BuildingConnect. Functionality that's included is:

  • Platform functions
  • Map and list overview
  • Location and schematic view
  • Account settings
  • Product information
  • 10 data points
  • Basic alarms
  • Single user

BuildingConnect Professional

When you upgrade to BuildingConnect Professional, you get:

  • Everything included in the Free version
  • 25+ data points
  • Advanced alarms
  • Remote control
  • Trend data
  • Analytics
  • Multiple users

FieldBus integration

Unlock the built-in fieldbus connectivity and get access to more than 100 datapoints such as tempetures, flow, power/energy, balancing limiters, etc.  by the CONNECT Upgrade.

BACnet and Modbus are avaliable as both serial and IP.

Compare your BuildingConnect options

Every MIXIT comes with BuildingConnect free, but you get a whole lot more options when you upgrade to BuildingConnect Professional. Download our sheet to get an overview of the benefits.

Upgrading your free BuildingConnect to Professional is easy

Upgrading the MIXIT is done seamlessly, you can either upgrade to Grundfos BuildingConnect Professional by a CONNECT Upgrade directly in the app or log in to the BuildingConnect platform. There’s no need to upgrade the hardware or anything else. Just buy an upgrade and get started using all the extra data and analytics immediately.

Possibilities with the alarms

When you upgrade to BuildingConnect Professional, you get a wider range of possibilities with the alarms. It includes alarm codes and remedies as well as alarm notifications via SMS/email.

Want more information about MIXIT?

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