Mixer and aeration design tool to meet your system and process demand

Finding the right type, amount and size of mixers in any biological treatment process is crucial. This will ensure your biological process is mixed homogeneously with the required velocity and prevent solids from settling.

Industrial wastewater treatment with various treatment configurations, such as CAS, MBR, and MBBR, requires careful consideration of the mixing and flow that makes up the design of various tank geometry.

If you lack the proper tools and the right application knowledge, you will need to perform tasks manually, including going to the data sheet and checking the size and dimensions. From there, you will have to design the complete system by hand. At Grundfos, we make customised mixer configurations so you can select the type, number, and positioning of your mixer according to your needs.

We also offer more advanced CFD models for accurate and complete mixing, including a combined mixing and aeration tank.

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