Towards smart chemical water treatment – based on a conference paper

By managing dosing pumps and chemical handling via a web-based platform, you can optimise your industrial water treatment. Based on a case about optimising disinfection in cooling towers, we look to the future of intelligent control of water treatment applications with smart chemical management. Download the paper and read about how:

  • You can maintain reliable and cost saving chlorine dioxide disinfection
  • Data analytics increases safety and enables accurate reporting
  • You can manage your dosing pumps and chemical handling in a smarter way

The paper discusses the important role of water in industrial markets as a solvent, cooling liquid, wash and clean liquid and in many more applications. The specific example shows how the disinfection concept using chlorine dioxide in an industrial facility’s cooling tower enables the owner and operators of the building to maintain the cooling system in a safe and reliable way. Finally, we look ahead to the potential with remote monitoring from a chemical management system to further reduce scaling and fouling in pipes and systems and reduce resource demanding compliance reporting.

The document is based on a paper presented at DECHEMA Industrial Water 2020 17-19 November, Frankfurt, entitled “Efficient control of chemical treatment for wastewater reuse in cooling towers.”

A European metal-mechanic company was experiencing operation troubles that traced back to its cooling towers. The company used manual dosing procedures that carried a risk of imprecise chemical use that could lead to contamination. Grundfos suggested an intelligent solution that is expected to deliver smoother operations, better bacteria control, easier compliance reporting and water savings. Download the case to learn more.

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