Invest in your future

We believe that collaborating with students creates value for both parties. We want to develop your competencies by bringing your theoretical toolbox into play while contributing with new ideas and points of views to our business.

As we collaborate with numerous students, you get the opportunity to expand your network within different business units. Regardless of your role, we promise you the chance to truly develop your competencies by gaining professional hands-on experience in an inspiring and agile learning environment ensuring a steep learning curve. Explore your possibilities as a student below. The different collaboration opportunities are only possible in selected countries. Look up vacant student opportunities at our global job listing page. 


As an intern, you get the chance to put your academic skills into play in a real life and practical environment. In return, we benefit from energy and inputs from young people who may consider familiar challenges in new ways.

At Grundfos, an internship normally lasts 5-6 months, but we also offer shorter periods. We plan the details as we go along.

If you are interested in an internship within Grundfos, please keep an eye on our job page for advertised internships.

As an intern, you become part of the everyday life at Grundfos, where there are lots of opportunities to learn through new and challenging tasks. Tasks which are not handed to you due to your role as an intern, but because they are just as important as any other task. I really appreciate the responsibility, not to mention the fact that I can always reach out for support when facing a challenge. There is a huge amount of knowledge gathered in the teams and all employees are open and willing to pass on their wisdom and passion.
Lasse Louis Svendsen, Intern

Student Assistant

A student assistant position is a supplement to your studies, where you gain relevant and hands-on experience within your field of study. You will participate in the daily work alongside colleagues in the relevant department, and more specifically, you may be assigned to a project or assist in solving the daily work tasks on a more general level.

Your weekly working hours are agreed upon with your manager, and we are of course flexible in relation to your studies.

Besides the free coffee, the most important thing for me is the opportunity to discuss and shape my own tasks and being inspired to always pursue new challenges and opportunities. This freedom has allowed me to test my skills outside the classroom walls and figure out how I can use my textbook theories in the real world.
Rasmus Bjerre Knudsen, Student Assistant

Project, bachelor, thesis collaboration

Whether you are looking for a case study for a semester project, your bachelor or master thesis, we would like to collaborate with you.

You get the opportunity to link your studies with a real-life business case, and we benefit from the new know-how available from the academic world. A win-win situation, showing you how Grundfos is a front runner within innovation and sustainability and a possible future workplace after your studies.

For more detailed information about student collaboration, have a look at our local career page in the country you are interested in. You can also search for student opportunities on our global job page