What we do

We move and transform water and other liquids via intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for use in buildings, industry and utilities.

Innovation has always been the driving force behind Grundfos. Our expertise in combining water solutions and digital solutions helps our partners and customers move water in applications across all customer segments. 

At the core of these solutions is a broad range of products & services that set the standard in energy efficiency, reliability and connectivity.

Commercial Building Services

The Commercial Buildings Services division makes commercial buildings smarter and more sustainable with reliable and high-tech products, solutions and services that increase comfort and energy efficiency.

Commercial Buildings Services works with a special focus on energy-optimising work, leisure and living spaces, with solutions for every application including air conditioning, hot water recirculation, wastewater, fire protection, water pressure boosting, heating and water disinfection.

Domestic Buildings Services

The Domestic Building Services division offers homeowners the most attractive choices for sustainable homes and comfortable lives, with some of the world’s most energy-efficient pumps and solutions for domestic homes.

Domestic Building Services develops, produces, and sells smaller domestic pumps and solutions for single family housing and residential buildings, serving six domestic applications in heating, HVAC OEM, domestic hot water, boosting, drainage, and wastewater.


The Industry division leads the way in sustainable industrial solutions, helping customers and end users reach their water and climate ambitions while maximising their output.

Industry delivers a wide range of premium quality solutions and services based on pumping and water treatment systems. These optimise industrial utilities and processes in areas such as water treatment or reuse, system integration, energy and process optimisation, and liquid composition.

Water utility

The Water Utility division works towards a sustainable water future, meeting the growing demand for clean and safe water by transforming the way the entire water cycle is managed, from drinking water to wastewater, from communities to irrigation.

Together with stakeholders from its entire ecosystem, Water Utility creates intelligent, sustainable pumping and solar powered solutions aimed at optimising water management in ground water and irrigation, clean water distribution, wastewater collection and transport, as well as water intake.

A day in the life of Grundfos – see how around the world we move and advance the flow of water via intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for use in domestic and commercial buildings, industry and utilities.

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