Industrial Cooling: Cooling towers redefined

- 22% OPEX savings

- 128.26 T Less CO2 pr. year

- 1.8 Years pay-back time

Discover how Grundfos pumps with intelligent controls significantly improved cooling tower efficiency for a global chemical company.

For a global manufacturer of adhesives, resins, gelcoats and special polymers, Grundfos intelligent pumps and our pump application software are key components in the company’s cooling systems, together with our expert insights, collaboration and co-creation.

Existing system

3x Fixed speed pump
Regulating valve operation

New system

NBE pump range
Grundfos MPC-E control panel
Temperature sensor
Differential temperature function

Solution & outcome

Grundfos has redefined the control capabilities of the customer’s cooling tower. Cooling system operations are now stable and controlled by differential temperature. This has resulted in significant OPEX reductions of 22%.

Easy operation

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS ensures pump operations always match system loads, resulting in maximum efficiency and minimum energy use. Our controls and integrated frequency converters ensure increased system intelligence, flexibil-ity, and the lowest life-cycle costs.

Full control

With Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, the new system adapts the speed according to
the return temperature measured by the sensor. The complete system has a
variable flow, which enables maximum savings and improved uptime.

Maximized reliability

Applying pump audits and continuous improvement techniques, Grundfos
revised the system design to raise the quality of the final package well beyond
the originally specified requirements.

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