Boosting water at field hospital in Glasgow

The COVID-19 epidemic puts significant strain on healthcare systems all over the world. This makes it necessary to think in new ways, when trying to bring healthcare capacity to the needed level. In Scotland, the SEC Centre, the country’s largest exhibition centre, is temporarily transformed to a 1,300 bed field hospital.

The SEC Centre has therefore become the NHS Louisa Jordan, named after Glaswegian nurse Louisa Jordan who served in World War I. It needed more than a name change, however, to fulfil the demands posed to a functioning field hospital. One of which being a need for additional water boosting.

Contractors Balfour Beatty; who in conjunction with consultants Hulley & Kirkwood handle the transformation of the exhibition centre, called Grundfos for an order of three Grundfos Hydro MPC-E booster sets.

The order was received on a Monday and the three boosters were then built to order, tested and shipped out from our manufacturing plant in Sunderland in just three days arriving in Glasgow on the Friday. 
A technician from the Grundfos Service Team then visited site to complete the commissioning of the sets and to make sure that they were ready to support all the water demands that this facility would need.

As the site neared handover it was realised that secondary hot water circulators would be needed to support the domestic hot water services. So an additional three Grundfos UPS 32-80N found themselves been hurriedly driven north.

The final result is another example of a great team effort from the sales, production and service teams and another example of Grundfos playing a small role in the must win battle against COVID-19.