We care for our water

Water is our most precious resource. It is essential for life with no adequate substitute. However, we are facing dire water and climate challenges, making our water sources less reliable. On March 22nd, we join the rest of the world marking the need for clean and safe water on international World Water Day 2020, this year under the theme water and climate change.

World Water Day is a recurring event organized by UN to focus attention on the importance of water. This has been our business and passion for 75 years, and on this day we continue the fight for our water.


Every responsible act has a sustainable impact
We have the capacity to make a real difference in the world, to pioneer water solutions in order to improve the quality of life for people. All around the world, solutions are already available and have been implemented to reduce water and energy consumption along with managing water. We ensure easy access to clean and safe water in Ugandan villages, and turn wastewater into a resource around Grundfos in Bjerringbro. This is just a few solutions that have made a sustainable impact in the world. Learn more about how we pioneer for impact on our Journal19 site or take a look at our World Water Day site.​


Because tomorrow is today
We join World Water Day in order to make water a global priority. With the help from our colleagues in every corner of Grundfos, we highlight the importance of water and share the message worldwide.

In India, our colleagues are launching the campaign "Because tomorrow is today" to promote the need to preserve water. With videos from everyday situations, they open a discussion on how water gets wasted and ways to address it by taking simple measures, all to create focus on saving this precious resource for the future generations.

"With a booming world population, the world needs new ways to better utilize its limited resources like water. Through this campaign we would like to address the growing water crisis by highlighting the urgency to act now. The future of our next generations lies in our hands and how we best protect and conserve our water resources today," says Saravanan Panneer Selvam, General Manager, INDO Region, Grundfos.


The videos are supported by contests, quizzes and photo sharing on social media to get the discussion going, join the talk on Facebook at Ek Boondh Pani​ or I Save Energy


Watch the World Water Day campaign videos below